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HOHO Search : Browser Hijacker…

Hohosearch basically an adware application that hijacks your browser’s homepage. This malicious program will change your homepage to and if you try to remove it, will just keep coming back. It will also cause PC slowness.

The infection has modified your browser’s settings, so that shows up everytime you open your browser or a new tab.


Basic rules to protect yourself from phishing scams

As internet usage has grown, phishing scams have exploded.

Here are some of the phishing scam messages we’ve come across include notification pending, order confirmation, phony insurance cards, tech support, your computer is infected, friend/link request, shared login screens, shared documents, breaking news, scans, someone who cares has sent you a greeting card, you sent a payment, air fare sale, your bill is now available, software update, parcel delivery problem, I liked your profile …


Facebook News India Scam : Work from Home

Due to an Adware attack on their browser, few users are getting this annoying new popup window in their browser.
This popup ad is a Scam and it is not from official Company.

The title reads “Facebook Pays India Residents Rs.15,792/day To Work From Home“.

The Advertisment has the url “” which looks like a legitimate domain, but