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Ransom-ware encrypting your file?? Don’t worry, NPAV Providing Data Backup!!

The Ransom-ware will encrypt all document files on your hard-disk and then ask for ransom money to decrypt or recover your files. Net Protector users are protected from such threats. Please utilize Data Backup feature for best protection from losing important document files.

If your document files are encrypted or corrupted by Ransom-ware, NP-AV Data Backup helps you to restore your important document files from NP-AV Data Backup. Restore ALL feature added to Data Restore.Using Restore all feature user can restore all his backup files/folders in just single click.


Locky Ransomware Attack Feb 2016 Spike

Locky Ransomware is spreading fast Globally, Ransomware variants are causing havoc across global networks. Earlier in Feb 2016 TeslaCrypt was active from 2nd Feb onwards and encrypts data files with .mp3 or .micro

Locky Ransomware, started spreading widely from 15th Feb and renames all files to .LOCKY extension.

Russian ransomware rampant at 90,000 infections a day from 15th Feb Onwards

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid ransom amount of $17,000 (approx Rs. 11Lacs+) to open locked files, Ransomware has to be paid in Bitcoins.

Hackers are sending Emails of the types Unpaid Invoice, Purchase Orders, Payment Advice etc. through document attachments spam.
In this campaign, messages from random senders with the subject “ATTN: Invoice J-12345678” deliver an attachment “invoice_J-12345678.doc”. The attachments are MS Word documents containing macros which download and install the Locky ransomware on victims computer.


DHL Shipment E-Notification Mail..

Dear Customer Please do not click the mail link..

Once again, the lure of a shipment being delivered to someone is used to try to trick users into clicking on a link in an email. In this case, a fake DHL email is being used to entice users to click on a link. Unfortunately the only delivery made in this case is malware.

The email informs the user that they have a shipment that is waiting to be delivered. According to the email, the shipment is “scheduled for delivery tomorrow.” The email goes on to advise that a tracking number is required, and provides a link that enables the recipient to obtain a tracking number.

The subject line of the email is “DHL Shipment Notification”, whilst the sender of the email is listed as “DHL Customer Service”. Realistic looking DHL branding is used in the email. The email is addressed as “Dear Customer”.


Be Aware Of such fake unpaid invoice E-Mails


Hackers and Cyber criminals are sending out malicious email to many users. The email seems like a reminder for an unpaid invoice and tries to trick the receiver of the email to open the attached file and view the Invoice.

The attached XLS File has a name starting with INV. The XLS file is malicious having Macro Virus embedded in it.

Such emails are used by Ransomware hackers to spread ransomware like CryptoWall, CryptoDefense, TeslaCrypt.

Net Protector Total Security users are protected from such malware attacks. Users are advised not to open such Fake Invoice emails.