Adware uploads Screenshot of your Active Windows without your Permission!!

A new strain of adware, known as Faster Internet, that takes a screenshot of victims’ PCs.

Once installed, Faster Internet will collect information related to the hardware present on the machine and will upload it to the developers’ server. The scariest aspect of the nasty adware is that it also takes a screenshot of the active display on the victim’s machine at the time of the install and send it to the developer.

Users will never be notified that the adware is taking a screenshot of their desktop, this is a serious threat to their privacy.

The problem is that when this program is installed, the user may have confidential documents, web sites, or programs open that will be now be included in the screenshot and uploaded to these scumbags.

What if the victim had a password manager open to their online bank account, or their tax return showing their social security number and address, or private images that they do not want disclosed? As nobody knows who the people behind this are and what they may do with this information, this behavior is a serious cause for concern.


Users should always keep up-to-date their anti-virus solutions that are able to detect programs like Faster Internet as a threat like NPAV (Also provides report for adware).


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