HOHO Search : Browser Hijacker…

Hohosearch basically an adware application that hijacks your browser’s homepage. This malicious program will change your homepage to hohosearch.com and if you try to remove it, will just keep coming back. It will also cause PC slowness.

The infection has modified your browser’s settings, so that Hohosearch.com shows up everytime you open your browser or a new tab. The most annoying part is it will keep showing tons of pop-ups and other ads whenever you enter any site. It is strongly recommended that user should avoid clicking them.

This adware may enter your system through freeware installations, spam email attachments, maliciuos websites etc.


People are suggested to use reputed antivirus like NPAV that provides features like website blocker, Anti phishing, Secure search, Online protection, Web shield etc to give your system zero virus protection.

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