American Express Users Targeted In Phishing Scam!!

Users of American Express are receiving spam emails with the subject line as “Account Alert: Personal Safe Key”, this email asks users to click the link in email body, put their information so that a Personal Safe Key can be created but actually the email is fake and website in the email body is a phishing link.


Such fake email addresses usually contain the word American Express or its variables in them to trick the users into believing that the email is from the official source.

If clicked on given link, users will be redirected to a website developed by hackers to steal your personal information & credit card information.

This email is certainly not from American Express because it is a widespread phishing email scam. So all users are advised to avoid clicking on such links. Also Use NPAV Antivirus which give features like Anti-Phishing, Website Blocker, Secure Search etc.

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