Financial Statement Email: Be careful, May Contain Ransomware Attachment

“All Financial Statements are not good, some may spread Ransomware”

Zepto Ransomware spreading out with new email spam compaign. The text of the email attempts to trick the victim to open the attachment.The attachment is a .zip archive containing the hard-coded js downloader.

The naming conventions used to rename the js downloader have the following format:
“Monthly_financial_scan_[XXXXXXXX].js” where X are some combination of letters (a-f) and numbers (0-9).

If user downloads and open the attachment , this ransomware will start its work and encrypt your data and then ransom your files for some bitcoins.

image2016-8-24 15-55-42

image2016-8-24 15-56-58

Customers are requested to do not pay attention to such emails. Use NPAV web security features like Anti Phishing, Website Blocker etc to stay away from such scams.

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