New Crypto Virus Emerged- Cry Ransomware!!

A new varient of ransomware targetting BAT, TXT, LOG, DAT, MP3, JPG, WMV, BMP, XML, HTML, CSS and JS file types, called Cry Ransomware, becoming threat for your important data.

Once infected on your computer, will scan all drives including attached external drives. All files that have one of the extensions mentioned above will be encoded by strong encryption algorithm and “.cry” extension will be appended to encrypted files.It will then demand approximately 1.1 bitcoins, or $625 USD (~ Rs. 43,000/-), in order to get the decryption key.


The virus will swipe your desktop clean, adding all the documents to a newly created “old_shortcuts” folder. Next to this folder, you will also find .txt and .html documents labeled “!Recovery_[6 random characters]”. These documents contain the ransom note and data recovery instructions.

The crypto virus Cry ransomware should not be taken lightly since it can encrypt sensitive data and violate the normal performance of the system.

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