Ammyy Admin Official Setup File Infected with Cerber3 Ransomware…

Ammyy Admin is a popular Remote Desktop Software used by many technicians for providing support to their clients.

Recently their official website was compromised and hackers had replaced the setup file and embedded Ransomware exe in the official download file (AA_V3.5.exe).

All users are requested not to download Ammyy Admin Remote Software, as the currently available setup file is embedded with Cerber3 ransomware.


The setup file contains an extra file embedded in it by the name of encrypted.exe or in.exe which is actually the Cerber3 Ransomware executable. Users will not be suspicious as they are downloading the setup from the official website of Ammyy Admin.

Once Cerber3 runs on your system, it will encrypt all your important data files with strong encryption algorithm. In order to get back the access users need to pay ransomware money to the attacker.

Cerber3 targets all data stored on the system drives, changes the file name and encrypts it and appends .cerber3 extension.


The ransomware will encrypt data on this PC and also all other network PC connected in the LAN (local area network).

This ransomware drops a ransom note for the victim named # HELP DECRYPT #.txt, to notify user that his system is infected by Cerber3 ransomware and they need to pay money in order to get decryption key.

Net Protector users are protected from such ransomware attacks. Kindly keep your Net Protector Software renewed and updated at all times. Also install and activate Net Protector on all computer systems in the network of your organisation.

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