Mamba Ransomware – Encrypts Your HDD!!

A new strain of ransomware is spreading in this month called “HDDCryptor” or “DiskCryptor“. As the name suggests, it will encrypt complete drive and overwrite MBR (Master Boot Record) to show a ransom message.

The victims will find their computers booting to a screen asking for a password, which is the decryption key.


The screen also shows a ransom note, asking the user for a payment in Bitcoins, along with an ID number generated for the computer and an email at which to request the key.


One of the major source of infection is phishing emails. Users are requested to stay alert while opening any suspicious emails or attachments from unknown senders.

Kindly update and renew your NPAV Antivirus software and stay protected from such attacks also make sure that you have activated Anti Phishing, Email Scanner, Website blocker and other features of NPAV.

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