Admin Console: Total Security for Business Network

Admin Console is an Endpoint security feature which manages security for all the servers, laptops or systems involved in a particular business or corporate. We can modify or control the client settings and also maintain their reports and charts.

There are many more such features beneficial for your business and they are:

  • Advanced Graphical Dashboard
    View the Network security health status. Statistics of Clients, Update and Threat status across the network.
  • Global Cloud-Based Admin Console
    Login from any Internet-enabled PC / Mobile / Tablet.
  • Multi-Location and Multi-Device Manager Console
    Easily view and manage Security for PCs from all branches/locations.
  • Easy and Single Click Installation
    Install easily on each PC in the Network.
  • Monitor the Internet Traffic over the LAN
    An administrator can monitor the Internet Traffics over the LAN. Good graphical representation charts. Shows highly bandwidth consumable PCs over the LAN.
  • Organize the PCs in Groups
    Group PCs as per department, floor, labor location.
  • Launch Scanning and Updates from Server
    Start the scanning and updates on selected clients.
  • Process and Application Management
    View and Manage running processes. Transfer and run application and patches on remote PC. Launch special cleaners and security modules.
  • Intelligent Network Updates without Internet
    All PC’s without Internet automatically locate and fetch updates from nearest local Update Server.
  • USB Removable Drive, Mobile Management
    Restrict USB removable media and mobile phones access as Allow / Block / Read-Only.
  • Network Reports
    Detailed and Summary Security Reports for the Network.
  • Chat and Remote Desktop Viewer
    System Admin can view the desktop of client PC remotely by a single click and can also chat with client PC.
  • Manage and Change Security Settings
    Remotely manage Anti-virus Settings and Policies on Single PC or Group.
  • Easy Top-UP Key
    Top-up validity of any local PC or field roaming Laptop.
  • Data Backup
    Manage client data backup from the server, for safekeeping against any corruption or ransomware.
  • Hardware Inventory
    Easy system Hardware Components List and tracking.
  • Manage Web Shield Settings
    Manage and View Policies for Web Scanning, Anti-Phishing, Block Dangerous Sites and Advertise Blocker.
  • Directory Browsing over the LAN
    Browse client PC’s Drives or Directories over the LAN. Right click has an option to View directory property and file property
  • Application Control
    Block or allow client software, games over the LAN. See entire LAN PCs apps report on server PC.
  • View Client PC’s Task Manager
    An administrator can see any client task manager on the Endpoint security server’s PC. Right click has an option to Kill process or view process property.
  • Support and Compatible with both Network Types
    Domain Controller or Work-group
  • Password Management
    An administrator can easily change the user’s password.
  • Printer Monitoring
    An administrator can see the full report about print given through Printer.

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