What is Phishing and Spam? – 5 Ways to Stay Safe Online 2019

Nowadays, you can do almost everything online – communicating, shopping or even transfer money to anyone as per your convenience. This is where online hackers come into the picture to access your personal data and with disastrous consequences if they do.

Phishing: Phishing is a cyber crime which is performed by targeting people via email. The goal is to trick the email recipient for believing that the message is something they need or want like – a request from their bank, a note from someone in their company or friends and to click a link or download an attachment. These emails are popularly known as phishing emails which distribute malicious links and attachments that extract your personal information, login credentials or even account details. This information is then used to access important accounts and result in financial loss or identity theft. Phishing works as it plays with people’s trust.

Spam: Spam is a type of email which includes an attachment or a link to a file that contains some kind of virus or malware to install to the recipient’s computer when the attachment is opened or the link is visited. They are usually sent automatically in a bulk from one system to others using scripts in the virus that causes the recipient system to forward it on to the people in their address book without their understanding. This happens because these emails appear to be received from someone that you know, they make recipients vulnerable. The aim of malware spam is to spread computer viruses throughout the network via emails.

When it comes to buying an anti-virus, you should first know,

Why there is a need to install anti-virus?

It is because it protects your systems against all kind of malicious software. Sometimes, Ransomware encrypts your files and demands payment to restore them. Trojan horse programs seem like valid programs, but behind the scenes, they steal your private data. Bots turn your systems into a soldier in a zombie army, ready to engage in a denial of service attack, or spew spam, or whatever the bot herder commands. An effective Net Protector Antivirus Software protects your systems against all these harmful viruses and many other kinds of malware. NPAV is one of the best anti-viruses which protects you from all kind of malware with some advanced features like:

  • Email Protection.
  • Email Scanner.
  • Email Backup.

The NPAV – Email Protection feature allows you to shield your emails from malware, spam, and viruses filtering inbound messages. Once the Email Protection feature is on, your email is scanned automatically. And the NPAV Email Scanner feature will automatically scan the incoming emails from any third party, malware and spam and update you accordingly. Also, NPAV helps you to keep a backup of all the emails you have received and which are in safe mode so that even if something goes wrong with your system, you always have a backup of everything.

Additional to this, NPAV also provides some necessary features like:

  • Online Protection + Web Sheild – This feature in NPAV is an additional layer of active protection. It scans all the data which is transferred when you browse online on real time to prevent from latest viruses and malware.
  • Advertise Blocker + Website Blocker – It always happens while surfing online, there are some annoying ads which come in many forms that generally say – buy this, learn more, download now and many more. These pop-ups are usually illegal ads popularly known as malware pop-ups and spam which are capable in the installation of spyware to hack your personal data and credentials. To avoid these pop-up ads, NPAV provides special feature NPAV – Advertise Blocker which runs automatically and checks the links you are visiting online and saves you from illegal websites or links. Also, NPAV – Website Blocker blocks all the websites where the hackers try to install malware and hack your systems. It verifies and makes sure that your system is safe and protected.


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