A top CA firm of Satara in Maharashtra, Dhiraj Kasat and Co, was under attack by Ransomware.

As reported, the ransomware had spread and encrypted data on all the computers in their office. The attackers demanded the ransom to be paid via bitcoins. If not paid the data would be destroyed.


Due to the TDS and Income Tax Return (ITR) deadline of 31st August the CA Firms are already under a lot of workload and pressure. A cybersecurity attack on their computers will cause havoc as all data of various firms and individuals is managed by the CAs.

The financial data from the various accounting software is very important for filing all the ITR and GST returns.

NPAV Lab has the multi-layer Anti-Ransomware and Data protection feature in their latest offering of NPAV Z-Security with Cloud Backup specially suited for CAs Firms and Accounting PCs of various corporates.



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