Attackers use Amazon’s UI as a fishing rod for phishing attacks

News about a new phishing scam email is circulating through the web. This phishing email tricks users and leads them to a site which looks exactly the same as the official Amazon website.

Attackers send an email to their target which looks like it’s from Amazon. The email states that Amazon has detected some suspicious activity from the target account and wants the user to re-enter their personal and financial details. The attackers are basically trying to trap the users by informing them about a password change activity that occurred on their account. User unaware of the scam immediately tries to visit the link and recover the account. The email quotes :

Hello Dear Customer, We have faced some problems with your account, So please update your account details. If you do not update your account within 24 hours (from opening this email) will be officially permanently disabled. We hope to see you again.

This email is followed by a link which directs users to an authentic-looking Amazon web page. This web page is controlled by the attackers and every detail entered by the user is accessible for the attacker. The attacker asks the user to enter residential, financial, and login credential information for complete account restoration.

After providing all the information users receive a message that their account has been successfully restored. The page then directs the user to the official Amazon site, which clears all the suspicion dwelling in the mind of the user. This information is then used by the attackers for their personal interests and they might launch various attacks using it.

NPAV suggests its users to use official sites and applications rather than suspicious links. Never provide your financial and personal details via links or attachments, as these can be used against you.

Use NPAV and stay protected from all attacks and scams.

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