No authentication required to access medical record of millions of Americans

Its been long since the medical industry has adopted new technologies and started using digital measures rather than the old analog ones. The medical reports and records of patients are shared digitally via emails or text messages.

The medical reports and records of patients are stored by the medical facilities in their databases. In recent reports, the researchers have found out that most of the medical facilities across America, don’t even have a password-protected system. This depicts that the medical records of millions of Americans are at risk of being accessible to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. The person who wants to access the data should just be aware of the place to look for the data.

The reports say that there are a total of 187 servers in the U.S. that lack basic security measures. These unsecured servers contain the data of around 16 million people. This data is easily accessible online and contains private medical images, scans, birth dates, and social security numbers.

If these records are compromised, they may be used by attackers and hackers for their personal interests. These records have personal and private data of millions of individuals and providing no security layer to such information is a critical threat in the making.

NPAV recommends keeping a check on the management sector of your medical facility. Choose trusted and well-known medical care providers to be safe.

Use NPAV for total protection against all data breaches and for securing your personal data.

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