Details of 1.3 million Indian payment cards put up for sale on Joker’s Stash

A large database of credit and debit card details was found on dark web by Singapore-based Group-IB security research team.

The data is presented under the name “INDIA-MIX-NEW-01” and is available in two volumes – Track 1 and Track 2. These records contain payment credentials of more than 1.3 million users out of which, 98-percent belong to Indian banks and the rest are from Columbian financial institutions. The research group recently shared a screenshot according to which these cards are being sold at a whopping price of 100$ per card. This makes the entire data cost more than $130 million(approx. Rs 922 crore).

The payment card details are being sold at an infamous underground card shop known as joker stash. The details of the banks and finance companies whose data has been compromised are not yet revealed. The researchers have a hint that this information might be collected using skimming devices installed on ATMs and PoS(Prinf of Sale) machines. Skimming is a process used by attackers in which they install a skimming device on ATMs and PoS machines. These devices copy data of card’s magnetic stripe and the 4-digit PIN is copied using other devices.

Detecting of skimming devices is easy, you will just have to be a bit cautious. Look for loose attachments on the keypad and in card slots, look for glue-signs around the machines, cover the keypad while entering the PIN, and replace your magnetic strip card with the card having EMV chip.

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