Facebook suffers from another data breach, approx 100 developers gain unauthorized access to group member data

Facebook has once again fallen victim to a data breach which has cost them data of various user groups.

Facebook has recently found that nearly 100 third-party app developers have gained unauthorized access to various groups and their data. The compromised data includes profile pictures and user names. Facebook has also revealed that the involved developers were mainly linked with social media management and video streaming applications.

The apps responsible for data breach were used by the group admins as they helped them in managing their groups and sharing videos. Facebook has not yet revealed the name of application, developers or count of people affected by this data breach. Facebook claims that the developers have been notified to delete the entire set of accessed data and is planning to conduct an audit to ensure the same.

After the Cambridge Analytical data loss scandal, Facebook verified the software development framework and suspended thousands of applications which were found to be gaining illegal access to user data. The organization has also noted that in last two months, around 11 app developers have gained illegal access to user data from Facebook.

Facebook is one of the social media giants, has all kinds of resources but still lacks when it comes to user-data security. If data breaches are so common and recurring in Facebook then users are left to wonder about their data security. NPAV recommends it’s users to always keep their guard up and never trust any organization blindly.

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