White hat hackers from Google use remote exploit to hack iPhone

iPhone was considered as one of the most cyber-secure devices until Google stepped in.

Hackers from Google at Project Zero have identified exploitable flaws which lead to compromising of targeted iPhone. The exploited flaw is placed under a clickless flaw as it doesn’t require the victim to click on a malicious link in order to fall for the attack. All that the hacker requires is iPhone’s Apple ID to remotely compromise the phone.

The time taken to steal data such as passwords, emails, and messages from the phone is merely a few minutes. The vulnerability can also be used by the attackers to access other functions like microphones and cameras. All of this sensitive information and features are easily accessible for the hacker without taking any permission or without even notifying the user.

The vulnerability exploited was classified as CVE-2019-8641, which is a remote memory-corruption flaw. The security flaw has already been fixed by Apple in its latest update and all the users with installed updates are currently at no harm. Although the Apple users must understand and keep their Apple IDs to themselves. In case the ID has been compromised, the best measure is to take immediate data backup and create a secure and fresh ID by keeping it to yourself.

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