Research exposes prominent apps trying to sell user data to third parties

A recent study has revealed various established apps have been supplying user data to third parties.

As we are advancing with technology, the applications installed in our smartphones are gaining higher access to our personal data. This information is the user’s personal and sensitive data which is entrusted by the user to the app. In a recent research 10 apps were found to be selling user data to third parties. Apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr are some of these.

The data shared by these apps included location, gender, sexual orientation, drug use, religious and political views, etc. The apps were found to be sharing this information with as much as 135 third parties for advertising purposes. Applications like Grindr and Tinder have been found sharing sensitive information in the past as well.

The main area of concern, however, is that both the apps have mentioned that they might share the data with third parties in their operating policies. While the users are not paying attention to the policies of any app that they install, the app owners may use it to their advantage. NPAV recommends reading the policies of any app that you are installing and agree to only appropriate policies.

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