Android malware released with new capabilities which makes it difficult to remove

An old android malware which surfaced in 2016 is back with new and dangerous capabilities.

Android is a widely used operating system around the world which makes it a famous target among hackers. Creating malware, bug or conducting any other malicious activity involving android can be highly profitable for the attackers. Recently an old android malware was resurfaced by hackers with new capabilities which makes it even more hazardous.

The malware operates by installing various applications on victim devices without any authorization. The virus might earn from “pay-per-install referral programs” or by showing ads through the newly installed applications. The concerning part related to the virus is that the APK file has a read-only property and even if deleted by the user, it reappears upon rebooting the device.

The way of removing the malware is by resetting the APK file’s attribute. This will require to grant root privileges which will be taken care by NPAV. NPAV suggests the users to always update the operating system on which your device is running. Lately, the cases of malware exploits have increased and for removing all such malware, use NPAV.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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