Emotet circulating under the disguise of banking SMS

Emotet has further widened its wings and is now spreading through SMS.

Emotet is looking lethal and very powerful as there is a new campaign involving the malware every now and then. Recently attackers were reported to be sending SMS containing malicious links in it. Emotet returned in September and is continuously evolving since then. It was found to be spreading through WiFi networks, not more than a week ago and now is using SMS services to spread itself.

The link contained in the SMS directs the user to a phishing page which is controlled by the attacker and downloads Emotet. The editing scheme of the web page resembles the victim’s bank web page. Emotet is one of the commonly used carriers for dropping TrickBot and has been very active recently. The disguise used by Emotet this time is an authentic-looking banking message which can easily trick various users.

The surfacing of Emotet may lead to various cyber-attacks and may cause menace in the cyber world globally. While researchers and developers are trying to fight against all such attacks, there are various ways in which a common user can contribute. Never share banking details with anyone over phone calls or on web pages. Your card number of CVV is never asked by any of the bank officials, so never share it.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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