Data of guests accessed by hackers by attacking Marriott

Marriott is targeted again by the hackers, leading to leakage of data.

In 2018, Marriott suffered a huge data breach which lead to leakage of data of 500 million customers. According to Marriott International’s incident notification published on March 31, 2020, the hack attack took place after two of its employees at an unknown franchise property had their login credentials compromised.

The compromised information includes contact details, loyalty account information, preferences, etc. It is still unclear how the login credentials of the employees were compromised. This information can be very costly for the customers as well as for the Marriott organization.

Marriott is one of the most established and settled organization and if it can fall victim to such attacks twice then it is a matter of grave cyber security threat. Hackers can use such information to launch various ransomware attacks directly on the customers as well as on Marriott as an organization.

NPAV recommends users to always have your guard up against such data breaches and stay informed so that you can take proper measures upon being informed.

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