WhatsApp users are the new target of scammers asking for security codes

Scammers are using the popularity of WhatsApp to target various users.

WhatsApp was already a established messaging app which has gained more popularity during COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a surge of 40% in the usage of WhatsApp and this surge is used by the hackers for their benefit

In a recent post WhatsApp reminded its users that it never asks for user user data or verification code. Users have reported that they have received a message which states that its from the WhatsApp technical team and asks the user for a verification code.

The profile from which the message is circulated has a WhatsApp logo as its profile picture, just to lure the targets in believing that the message is official. User should just remember that the organization never sends such messages asking for a verification code or any sensitive data as such.

In case the WhatsApp decides to send you a message, always remember that there will be a green tick beside the username to depict that it is from a verified account.

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