Hackers continue to impersonate customers and circulate phishing emails

Another day, another phishing scam detected by NPAV lab and research team.

Hackers have been impersonating customers and targeting organizations for a while now. There has been multiple cases where hackers circulate fake requirement or order link to the organization and try to steal sensitive information.

A similar email was detected by our research team in which the mail has a secure drive Microsoft file attached to it. On clicking on the attachment, user is redirected to a secure drive login page which is fake and is controlled by the hacker to steal credentials.


If the targeted users end up submitting their information and login credential through this page, it will be surely misused by the hackers for their benefits.

NPAV recommends users to never fall in such traps laid by the hackers, and refrain from submitting any information through these malicious links.

Install Net Protector Z-Security / Total Security / Endpoint Security to protect all your devices and servers. NPAV blocks all malicious phishing emails and links that can harm your systems.

Net Protector has guaranteed protection and solution from such phishing attacks.

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