LG electronics targeted by Maze ransomware actors for stealing critical data

Maze ransomware has successfully stolen sensitive data from LG electronics and have shared sample for the proof.

Maze ransomware operators stated that they have encrypted and gained access to the data of LG which relates to US-based companies. This can present serious implications for LG, especially as US technological firms face mounting pressure in competition with China.

For proving the access of data hackers have shared three screenshots which clearly show that their claim is right. The first one appears to be comprised of the firmware or software updates that LG releases for its hardware products.

The second one showcases Python files that the hackers have said amount to a repository worth 40 GB developed by the firm for companies in the US. The third one appears to be a code excerpt from a file named “_fn_Email.py”.

The impact of the compromised data is not yet confirmed, and the reason or loophole behind the success of the attack is still unclear. However, the screenshots shared by the hackers clearly show that they have the access of company’s sensitive data that can be exploited.

LG is one of the electronic market giants and it being targeted by ransomware poses a huge threat to the entire sector. The data that has been lost can be used by the ransomware actors to launch various attacks on the organization and deal huge damage.

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