Largest ever PPS based DDoS attack hits European bank

European mainstream bank is the latest target of the largest DDoS attack ever witnessed.

The attack was recorded at 809 Mpps (million packets per second) and was reported on 21st June, 2020. Another large DDoS attack was previously reported on AWS, but it was only 44% of the current reported attack on this bank.

The number of the source IP addresses involved in the attack is very large and that is an alarming point. Increasing the number of IP addresses makes the attack highly distributed and dangerous.

A majority of the attack traffic was sourced from unique IPs, almost 96.2% were unique. Another threatening aspect of the attack was the speed at which it grew. The attack started at normal traffic level and reached 418 Gbps within seconds, and then peaked at 809 Mbps in just two minutes.

DDoS attacks nowadays are focusing more on targeting the application-layer and using “sophisticated” botnets and attack vectors like SSL floods, burst attacks, and carpet-bombing attacks.

Banks are the place where the cyber security measures are taken seriously and they have the most updated and strict cyber security modules. An attack of this magnitude on a bank proves that the cyber security measures are required to be more accurate and optimum.

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