Ransomware attacks on LG and Mitsubishi can lead to data leak in near future

The electronic sector giant LG and Japanese multinational car manufacturer Mitsubishi targeted by ransomware actors.

The hackers are now threatening the organizations with data leaks. To prove the attack, hackers have uploaded the screenshot and code of their attack on their blog site. LG has not reacted to the situation at the moment.

The hackers have claimed that 40 GB of source code has been stolen from the organization. Researchers have said that the source code of LG products in the hands of attackers can pose huge threats to their customers.

Mitsubishi on the other hand has fallen victim to a DoppelPaymer attack. DoppelPaymer has also targeted European paper-making section of Mitsubishi. To prove the attack, hackers have posted screenshots and stolen data on dark net.

Researchers have revealed that Mitsubishi has paid a ransom of $25 billion last year. This has encouraged the hackers to attack Mitsubishi repeatedly and the expected ransom will be much higher than the last year.

Established and huge organizations of their sectors getting targeted by ransomware causes panic in their customer base. The organizations should enhance their cyber security modules to keep their customer base safe and satisfied.

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