Hackers initiate a new phishing scams by using COVID-19 pandemic situation

Hackers have now taken the name of the pandemic and used it to initiate various cyber attacks.

A new phishing scam was reported by the NPAV research team in which hackers are trying to steal login credentials of the users by using the name of pandemic.

In a recent phishing mail, the hackers are claiming that the targeted user has some incoming emails which were not delivered due to some server problems faced during this pandemic situation.

The phishing email requests the user to re–validate their emails by clicking on the link shared in the email. The link directs the user to a login page which is malicious and hacker controlled. Entering any information there simply means sharing it to the hacker.

NPAV recommends users to never submit or even visit such links shared through untrusted sources.

Install NPAV Total Security and stay protected from all such phishing attacks. NPAV Total Security offers best in class protection from all cyber attacks.

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