Hackers are sending out fake request for quotes via phishing emails

Phishing attacks by hackers impersonating various organizations continue to target people.

Hackers are wildly using phishing emails to lure people into their traps. NPAV lab has recently found a phishing email that requests the targeted person to download an attachment that contains the list of requested items.

If the user clicks on the shared link, it redirects to a page which requests for user’s login credential. The fake login page has a secure drive logo and contains an option of downloading the file after logging in.

Submitting your login id and password using such malicious web pages will allow the hackers to have full access of them. Hackers can use these credentials to access other accounts of users and steal from them.

NPAV recommends users to never submit or download anything from these malicious emails and refrain from clicking on any links mentioned in them.

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