Fake Office 365 license notifications are being used in a latest phishing scam by hackers

Phishing emails with fake office 365 payment alerts are targeting user base.

NPAV lab has recently found a new phishing scam that has been launched by hackers to infect user devices. The email claims that the payment for annual office 365 E3 license has been received.

The email instructs the users to download an attachment from the email to receive the key for E3 office 365 license. In order to inculcate the idea of safety among users, the email states that the information attached in the email should not be shared by the user.

When the user tries to open the attached .doc file, the message to “Enable Editing” and “Enable content” is displayed to trick users into hacker’s trap.

NPAV recommends users to never download these kinds of attachments as they are malicious and can be used by the hackers to heavily infect your devices. Refrain from visiting any links, or sharing any sensitive information through these emails.

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