Fake Zoom meeting invitations are being sent out by hackers to steal Microsoft credentials

Outlook and Office 365 credentials are being targeted by hackers via fake Zoom meeting invites.

Over the past months, Zoom has been one of the most widely used apps and has been exploited by hackers to fulfill their malicious intentions on several occasions. With over 300 million participants every day, Zoom is a highly lucrative target for malicious elements.

Attackers have sent very convincing phishing emails to Zoom users with a variety of messages including but not limited to reviewing a meeting invitation, downloading a file attached to access details about a meeting invitation, and downloading a particular attachment to start the meeting in itself.

Upon clicking on the “Review Meeting Invitation” the user is redirected to a fake Outlook or Office 365 login page. This page is handled by hackers and is used to steal sensitive information from the user.

NPAV recommends users to stop trusting these fake emails and never download any file or visit any link shared via these emails. Sharing any information or downloading any file from these emails simply mean that you are compromising your cyber security.

Install NPAV on your devices and stay protected from all kinds of cyber attacks. Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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