Ransomware hits Canon and successfully steals 10TB of data from the organization

The leading camera product producer Canon was recently targeted by ransomware actors.

The ransomware has knocked down all the Canon sites offline and has reportedly stolen 10TB of data from the servers. Canon has alerted the employees about the issue causing trouble for the systems and servers.

Maze ransomware actors have claimed responsibility for successfully attacking Canon and impacting a wide range of services at the company, including email, team collaboration software, its USA websites, and internal applications.

After spreading through a network and gaining administrator access, the ransomware steals files from servers and sends them to the attacker’s servers. The ransomware then encrypts data across the network and demands for the ransom from the targeted organization.

Maze has targeted various giant names of different sectors and have also stolen from and troubled labs and hospitals during this pandemic. Targeting Canon has caused the organization a huge downtime and loss of customer data.

NPAV wants to alert the Canon users for upcoming phishing attacks as the hackers have gained access to user information. Refrain from downloading any file or visiting any link that has been shared via an untrusted source.

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