Intel suffers data breach, 20 GB of source code and internal docs compromised

US based computer chip maker Intel has recently faced a data breach costing 20 GB of data.

The cache of secret information is 20GB large and comes from an unknown source. It was announced as the first part in a series of Intel leaks. Hackers have shared the stolen data with a security researcher anonymously who confirms that it is from Intel.

Some of the files in the archive include technical specifications and relate to internal chipset design, including Kaby Lake platform and Intel Management Engine (ME).

Hackers found an Intel server on a CDN that was not properly secured. This particular machine was seemingly selected based on details collected from an internet-wide scan. A custom Python script was used by the hackers through which they were able to test for default username access and unsecured access to files and folders.

However, the more important detail provided was the claim that they could impersonate any Intel employee with access to the resources, or create their own user. Some of the files are archives protected by incredibly an weak password.

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