Source code of Cerberus banking trojan released online for free

The developer has finally released the source code of Cerberus for free after a failed attempt of auctioning it.

Cerberus banking trojan was recently being auctioned by one of its developers starting from $50,000 in a bid to pass on the malware to someone else since the current team was being split.

The components included within it were the source code, servers, administration panel code, and a list of clients along with their contact information. The trojan is known for intercepting communications such as reading messages, engage in surveillance, and stealing financial information related to banking data.

The reports stated that the hackers were gaining a profit of nearly $10,000 per month from this trojan. However, the auction failed as the developer was not able to find any buyer for the requested amount.

This led the developer to ultimately release the source code for free on a Russian based underground forum for certain premium users under the name of “Cerberus v2.” The code being available for free is very alarming and threatening.

The free availability of the source code for the banking trojan has lead to a remarkable rise in the number of smartphone-based cyber-attacks in both Europe and Russia. Furthermore, now, we may also see a rise in ripped-off variants of Cerberus creating a nightmare for cyber-defenders.

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