Firefox Notes and Send permanently shut down over malicious use by Mozilla

Mozilla has finally shut down Notes and Firefox Send services to put a stop on their malicious use.

Firefox send was a free file-sharing service and Firefox notes was a note-taking extension. These services were quite promising and Mozilla gave a huge emphasis towards them. Mozilla is however shutting these services as they were being exploited by cyber criminals to launch various attacks.

Mozilla created Firefox send and launched it for the people last year. The service supported end-to-end encryption, and users could securely transfer files to anyone for free. However, the service was exploited by hackers to send malware files to their targets.

Firefox notes was launched in 2018 as an extension for the Firefox browser and a standalone mobile application for Android devices. It allowed users to synchronize notes across different platforms.

Hackers have exploited various services launched by different established organizations for their benefits. Mozilla has now decided that its better to shut their services as they can be used by hackers to exploit user security.

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