Fake account update notifications are being circulated via email by hackers

A new phishing scam has been launched by hackers to steal user credentials.

NPAV lab and research team has recently reported a new phishing scam that is being launched by hackers to steal login credentials of the users.

The email contains the notification about a new version of account being available for the user. The email contains an “Update Account” option which upon clicking redirects user to a hacker controlled login page as shown in the image below.

Hackers have also included a time frame of 72 hours that the user has to upgrade the account. This time frame generates a sense of urgency so the user acts upon the email immediately.

NPAV recommends user to ignore such emails as they are mere phishing attempts. Hackers have full control over these login pages and can easily steal any information that a user enters on the page. Refrain from visiting any links or downloading any attachments from these emails.

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