Windows malware LodaRAT has started painting targets on Android devices

LodaRAT is a Windows malware that was recently spotted targeting Android users in Bangladesh.

Dubbed LodaRAT, the trojan was equipped with credential-stealing capabilities earlier, but now it is eyeing Android users to enhance the attackers’ espionage activities further. Researchers have reported that the latest version of LodaRAT has an enhanced audio recording capability.

Kasablanca is the hacker group that has developed the malware and has deployed it through a new campaign in Bangladesh. LodaRAT is delivered through phishing emails and has various data stealing and recording capabilities.

The malware can run a wide range of commands, mainly designed to record audio/video and steal sensitive data. The recent variant of LodaRat can steal cookies and passwords from the web browser.

The new version of LodaRAT can capture images/screenshots, read and intercept SMS messages, access call logs, and call specific numbers. The Windows version can enable remote access to the targeted device through RDP and has a Sound command that exploits the BASS audio library to capture audio from the microphone.

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