Hackers behind Clop ransomware leak data of a high-profile US based law firm on dark web

Jones Day is a law firm based in the USA that was recently targeted by hackers from the Clop ransomware gang.

Jones Day is a high-profile American law firm that represented ex-US President Donald Trump. It is the US’s tenth-largest firm in terms of gross revenues. Some of its clients include JPMorgan Chase & Co., Procter & Gamble Co., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Walmart Inc., and McDonald’s.

Security researchers have stated that the hackers started leaking the data as the law firm denied their ransom demands. Jones Day stated that hackers have hijacked Accellion FTA file transfer platform to access its servers and didn’t penetrate its network.

Hackers on the other hand have claimed that they have hacked and accessed Jones Day servers. The hackers posted on the website that they have stolen around 100GB of files from Jones Day. The data includes emails and legal documents, one of which appears to be confidential.

The data exposure is suspected of a breach at Accellion that offers file transfer services to most law firms and other organizations. Officials of Jones Day law firm have confirmed that they are conducting a detailed investigation with cybersecurity researchers on the matter.

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