Source code of Azure, Exchange and Intune accessed by SolarWinds hackers

SolarWinds hackers infiltrated Microsoft’s systems, and several source code repositories were accessed.

Microsoft confirmed that SolarWinds hackers accessed the source code of three of its products, namely- Azure (its cloud computing service), Exchange (its mail and calendar server), and Intune (its cloud-based management solution).

The tech giant claimed that hackers couldn’t modify the code or systems. Microsoft has stated that the hackers had control of a very small portion of files and used some search words which depict that they were trying to access organizational secrets.

Microsoft has also claimed that there were no traces of hackers attacking other customers using their systems. The organization has reported that all of its customers are safe and their data is well protected.

The SolarWind hacking spree began around Oct 2019 and was first reported on 13 Dec 2020. The attackers sent out malicious updates to Microsoft. They could have targeted around 18,000 other entities, 9 federal agencies, and at least 100 private-sector organizations.

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