Hackers demand Rs 500 crore as they succeed in hacking MIDC server

Hackers have targeted and hacked one of the servers of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC).

In a recent report, hackers have demanded Rs 500 crore as they have successfully hacked one of the MIDC servers. The cyberattack has lead to the stoppage of work in 16 regional offices of MIDC.

Hacker has sent the ransom mail to MIDC stating that if the ransom is not paid, the data of the targeted server will be deleted. Reports have claimed that the compromised server contained information of all the schemes and industries under MIDC.

All the work of MIDC and its regional offices has been stopped due to this hack. The virus that targeted the server has the capability of deleting all the data if anyone tries to enter the system. There has been no information about the hacker revealed at the moment.

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