Aesir Virus – A New Variant of the Locky Ransomware.

The Aesir (Locky) is a new variant of the Locky ransomware infection.

Aesir (Locky) virus is distributed through spam emails same as other variants of ransomware. Below is an email that is infected with a randomware such as Aesir (Locky) virus.


Once this attachment has been opened, this virus will be started automatically. Aesir (Locky) ransomware will start the encryption process. When this process is done, it will display the usual ransom instructions like below on -INSTRUCTION.html.


The virus will drop a file named with _0-INSTRUCTION.html or _INSTRUCTION.bmp or _[2 digits]-INSTRUCTION.html in every directory that has atleast one encrypted file.


Kindly update and renew your NPAV Antivirus software and stay protected from any type of ransomware and other virus attacks also make sure that you have activated Anti Phishing, Email Scanner, Website blocker and other features of NPAV.

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