GitHub account of Microsoft breached by hackers

Hackers have claimed to breach Microsoft’s GitHub account and steal 500 GB of data.

Hacker going by the name shiny hunters has claimed that he has hacked Microsoft’s github accounnt and has access to almost 500 GB of data. The same hacker hacked Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platform and sold it on a dark web market for $5,000.


To provide some evidence, hacker has shared the above attached image. The leaked data includes code samples, test projects, eBooks, wssd cloud agent, the Rust/WinRT language projection, and PowerSweep – an instance of a PowerShell project.

As of now there has been no official announcement from Microsoft regarding the issue. Hacker has claimed that Microsoft doesn’t have access to their account. Their is huge amount of data at stake which can be leaked and can cause problems for the techno-giant.

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