DHL spam emails are being used by hackers to spread LokiBot trojan

“DHL email virus” is a spam mail that is being circulated by hackers to spread trojan in targeted systems.

Hackers are sending out thousands of emails which impersonate delivery emails from DHL. These emails have attachments which when downloaded by the user installs LokiBot trojan into the user’s system.

The malicious emails sent out by hackers states that the user has undelivered packages and will be delivered once the user downloads and prints the attached document. However, this email is fake and upon downloading the attachment user’s system will be infected with LokiBot.

DHL is a trusted and established logistic company and receiving an email from its end will lure the users to the trap. LokiBot is used by hackers to gain information from the user system which include login ids, passwords, bank credentials, etc.

LokiBot can infect both Windows and Android systems and the main motive of the trojan remains same. Recording user information and sending it to the hacker makes the trojan lethal and very dangerous.

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