Emotet spam trojan resurrects after 5 months of inactivity

Emotet trojan is spilling out various campaigns of malicious emails which are targeting users around the world.

Emotet is a spam trojan that spreads through emails with malicious attachments. The attachments are generally Word or Excel files which utilize macro to download the trojan in the system.

The trojan infects the system and can be used by hackers to launch various other malware campaigns. It also infects other systems after entering one system of the network. The compromised system is used by Emotet to send out various malicious emails.

Researchers have found that Emotet is being regularly updated and there are new patches and files which are being added to it. Research has also shown that a Emotet is sending out large amount of emails and malicious documents using new URLs of hacked WordPress sites.

Once the malware starts running it deploys various malicious modules, steals victim’s credentials, steal passwords, cookies, SSH keys, spread throughout a network, and ultimately access ransomware operators.

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