Phishing scammers send out emails with malicious attachments to infect targeted systems

Phishing emails from hackers impersonating Korean logistic firm are being forwarded by hackers.

NPAV lab has recently found out that hackers are using the name of a Korean logistic firm to spread malicious files. The circulated phishing email claims to be from a Korean logistic company and has a attachment about balance to be paid of the targeted user.

The email requests user to check the statement attached and if there is any issue with the statement, the user can contact the firm. Contact details and address of the organization are listed properly in the email.

The email also has a few image links in its body and includes a WCA id to accept payment. The attached files and images are simply being used by the hackers to trick user and spread malware. Hackers can easily drop malicious files through these attachments and gain access of your system and data.

NPAV recommends users to never download any attachments from these emails as they are malicious. Downloading of files or visiting any links from an email should be done only if the email is from a trusted source.

Install NPAV in your devices and stay protected from these phishing scams. NPAV provides best in class protection from all kinds of cyber attacks.

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