Security issue in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset has put 40% of smartphones under risk

Snapdragon is a widely used chipset in almost every smartphone around the globe.

In a recent study, the Snapdragon chipset was found to have various security vulnerabilities which can cause security issues.

The issue lies in the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chips that are used for audio signal and digital image processing. This flaw lets a hacker snoop into devices as well as deploy unremovable malware which is also capable of evading detection.

This vulnerability allows an attacker to turn the phone into a spying tool, without any user interaction required. Thus allowing hackers to quietly extract information like photos, videos, call-recording, real-time microphone data, GPS and location data, etc.

Snapdragon has reportedly fixed six of these identified issues. Fixing issues in a chipset is possible only if the smartphone organizations include the patches before selling them. This simply means that already existing chipsets will remain vulnerable and can be attacked.

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