882 GB of ecommerce and dating site data leaked due to a misconfigured database

Data leaks are becoming very frequent and are increasing at an alarming rate.

Ecommerce and dating sites are becoming quite popular targets when it comes to data breach attacks. The reason behind these attacks is that the hackers obtain very personal and sensitive information from these sites and the hassle involved in quite low.

Researchers have claimed that data from more than 70 sites was breached in a recent attack. These websites were using the very same email marketing company named Mailfire whose Elasticsearch server was found without any authentication required such as a password.

The data was open for anyone to see and contained 882.1 GB of data amounting to more than 370 million records. When Mailfire was contacted regarding this, they accepted the researcher’s claim and acted to secure the server immediately.

The compromised data included a lot of confidential data comprising of full names, email addresses, IP addresses, profile pictures & descriptions, gender, age, date of birth, and real conversations from over 100 countries globally.

NPAV recommends users to stay aware of various email and SMS phishing attacks. The lost data can be used by hackers to trigger various cyber attacks on targeted systems and networks. Hackers can quickly escalate the extent of attacks if the user is not aware.

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