Bug allowed callers to listen unattended calls on Facebook Messenger

Hackers were found exploiting a new bug detected in Facebook Messenger.

The bug was reported by a security researcher who claimed that it allowed hackers to listen to unattended audio calls. Hackers made audio calls to their targets while sending a special message at the same time in order to exploit this bug.

Hacker can continue to access the calls till the target either pick it up or it gets disconnected. However, this would require the caller and the recipient to be Facebook friends as a pre-requisite for the call to be placed in the first place.

Accessing the audio of users before they pick the calls could allow hackers to gain sensitive and confidential information. This information can be further used by hackers to fulfil their malicious intentions by launching various cyberattacks.

NPAV recommends users to befriend only known people on social media. Adding and accepting each and everyone can lead to hackers sliding into your friend list. One must always be cautious about the extent of information that is being shared over social media.

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