PyMICROPSIA is stealing browsing data and recording audio of targeted Windows users

PyMICROPSIA malware is infecting Windows systems and stealing information from users.

Security researchers have discovered a new info-stealer Trojan that steals information by “smash-and-grab” attack. Dubbed PyMICROPSIA by researchers; the malware is written in Python language and is capable of loads of malicious activities upon infection.

The activities that can be conducted by the malware are listed below:

  • Keylogging.
  • Deleting files.
  • File uploading.
  • Audio recording.
  • Taking screenshots.
  • Rebooting machine.
  • Executing commands.
  • Collecting file listing information.
  • Payload downloading and execution.
  • Compressing RAR files for stolen information.
  • Collecting process information and killing processes.
  • Deleting, creating, compressing, and exfiltrating files and folders.
  • Collecting Outlook .ost file. Killing and disabling Outlook process.
  • Collecting information from USB drives, including file exfiltration.
  • Browser credential stealing. Clearing browsing history and profiles.

Researchers have stated that the primary target of this malware is Windows OS, but there have been instances in which it looked for other OS like “darwin” or “POSIX.”

Researchers have suggested the users to be aware of these malware attacks if they are using Windows systems. The best way to protect your data and information is to use the best in class protection provided by NPAV.

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