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NPAV – The Best Anti-virus for Gaming Online 2019

As we all know that summer vacations are about to come. Nowadays, kids prefer to sit at home and enjoy rather than moving out in hot sun and play, which results in the popularity of online gaming. But these kids are unaware of the fact that their favorite hobby can also put their systems in risk from various viruses and malware.


Enjoy Secure Shopping with Net Protector Anti-virus.

Secure Shopping & Banking:

The growth in the popularity of online shopping & net-banking has brought an increase in the activities like cyber-crime, hacking who target the unwary customers. For this, it is very essential to do shopping & Internet banking with proper security i.e. without falling prey to Internet scams and criminals.


Ransom-ware encrypting your file?? Don’t worry, NPAV Providing Data Backup!!

The Ransom-ware will encrypt all document files on your hard-disk and then ask for ransom money to decrypt or recover your files. Net Protector users are protected from such threats. Please utilize Data Backup feature for best protection from losing important document files.

If your document files are encrypted or corrupted by Ransom-ware, NP-AV Data Backup helps you to restore your important document files from NP-AV Data Backup. Restore ALL feature added to Data Restore.Using Restore all feature user can restore all his backup files/folders in just single click.