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Mamba Ransomware – Encrypts Your HDD!!

A new strain of ransomware is spreading in this month called “HDDCryptor” or “DiskCryptor“. As the name suggests, it will encrypt complete drive and overwrite MBR (Master Boot Record) to show a ransom message.

The victims will find their computers booting to a screen asking for a password, which is the decryption key.


Ammyy Admin Official Setup File Infected with Cerber3 Ransomware…

Ammyy Admin is a popular Remote Desktop Software used by many technicians for providing support to their clients.

Recently their official website was compromised and hackers had replaced the setup file and embedded Ransomware exe in the official download file (AA_V3.5.exe).

All users are requested not to download Ammyy Admin Remote Software, as the currently available setup file is embedded with Cerber3 ransomware.


New Crypto Virus Emerged- Cry Ransomware!!

A new varient of ransomware targetting BAT, TXT, LOG, DAT, MP3, JPG, WMV, BMP, XML, HTML, CSS and JS file types, called Cry Ransomware, becoming threat for your important data.

Once infected on your computer, will scan all drives including attached external drives. All files that have one of the extensions mentioned above will be encoded by strong encryption algorithm and “.cry” extension will be appended to encrypted files.